Pickup Outfitters of Waco has been lining pickup truck beds in Central Texas for more than 20 years. So when it’s time for to get a tough, quality spray on-bed liner, Pickup Outfitters of Waco is the right choice.

Why Choose Pickup Outfitter for your Spray-on Bed Liner?

The Spray On Product

Pickup Outfitters sprays the Armadillo Linings product, manufactured by Marvel Industrial Coatings in Houston. We choose this product because we believe it’s the best in the industry, better than the so-called name brands. The advantage is in the Armadillo Linings spray content: a higher polyurea.

Some aftermarket products are polyurethane and some shops still use intermediate polyurea. But higher polyurea makes a spray-on liner tougher, and difficult to tear because of its high tensile strength. This means a stronger, more durable, and dependable spray-on bedliner. And that means your truck can get to work and stay in the game, withstanding the pounding of heavy-duty equipment and tools.

The Spray On Process

While our product is terrific, the secret to a long-lasting spray-on bed liner is how the truck is prepped. Proper preparation is critical for durability and dependability. You may have seen a pickup with a spray-on peeling from the bed. Most likely, the bed was not properly prepped prior to spraying. Watch the video below to see the Pickup Outfitters spray-on process.

At Pickup Outfitters, we take the extra time to properly prepare your truck bed prior to spraying. We don’t skip any steps. First, the bed is properly cleaned and wiped down. Next wire tape is applied to ensure a clean, smooth line to the edge of your liner. Then, we scuff the bed of the truck using a plastic wire brush. Many people believe the bed must be sanded, but this would result in poor adhesion to the bed. The proper step is to scuff the bed to give the spray compound a proper surface on which to adhere.

After the scuffing process, we then clean the bed again to remove all dust and particulates. Then, we apply a solvent to the bed to remove impurities that could compromise the chemical mixture of the spray-on. Alcohol MUST NOT be used here, or it will weaken the liner and could cause it to peel.

Next the entire truck except the bed is taped off with plastic to prevent overspray from settling on the paint of the truck. Then we heat the Armadillo Linings high-polyurea spray compound to the proper temperature, and insert the cartridges into a high pressure gun, powered by a powerful air compressor.

Pickup Outfitters uses a separate air-line from the compressor with filters at both ends of the line to prevent impurities from entering the spray mixture.

Our spray techs are factory trained at Marvel Industrial Coatings in Houston.

The Pickup Outfitters Promise

Pickup Outfitters provides a limited, lifetime warranty for all of our truck spray-on bedliners to the original purchaser of the liner. If our spray-in liner fails for any reason under normal use, we will either repair or re-spray the liner at no charge for as long as you own the truck.

We have been serving Waco and Central Texas pickup truck owners since 1997 at our shop on Lake Air Drive, so our promise and our warranty have a lot of value.

**Note: Please note that NO spray-on bedliner product is indestructible. Please avoid gouging the bed liner with sharp objects.