Never be naked in your bed again!

Truck bed, that is. Your pickup is a very big investment and you want to protect that baby’s truck bed. The last thing you want is cargo bouncing or sliding around, scratching up the truck bed surface, poking a dent or hole in your tailgate or truck bed. Protect that truck bed and dress it with professionally installed truck bed liners, a spray-in truck bed liner, and bed mats.

There are four different types of liners to outfit your bed:

Pendaliner Drop-in Bed Liner

Red truck with trailgate down


Drop-in bedliners are quickly installed in a pickup truck bed with little or no preparation work required. Typically made of a polyethylene durable plastic material, drop-in bed liners are a rigid structure formed to the contours of your specific truck model. Truck bed liners protect the truck bed from damage and they look great. Available in over or under the rails, they are a great option if you are trying to fix up your truck to sell. And they’re inexpensive!

Armadillo Spray-in Bed Liner

Armadillo Liner bed liner


With a spray-in liner your bed is dressed to kill. Pickup Outfitters sprays Armadillo Linings from Marvel Industrial Coatings. It has tough, hard-shell protection that resists fading and looks incredible. It’s the best looking spray-in the area.

Spray-in bed liners provide a total custom fit with a seamless, permanent seal to prevent rust, corrosion and pitting of your truck bed surface. There’s no maintenance, just take it through the car wash. Boom! Problem solved.

To learn more, check the details here: Pickup Outfitters Spray On Bedliner.

Bed Rug Truck Liner

Bed Rug in Ford F-150 at Pickup Outfitters in Waco


BedRug™ is the rugged, non-permanent way to protect your truck bed or the inside of your Jeep. It’s luxurious by industrial-strength tough. The look and feel of carpet, but the durability and resistance of polypropylene. It protects your bed, your cargo, and your knees, and stands up to the abuse of things knocking around your bed.

It is stain-resistant and stands up to nasty spills, even oil, battery acid and bleach. Just wash it out and you’re ready to go.

Get 100% coverage in your truck bed without the permanence of a spray-in liner. The Bed Rug is custom-contoured and made specifically for each model truck. The foam and fiber back will not scratch your bed. It’s the perfect protection for your bed.

Rubber Truck Bed Mat

Red truck with trailgate down


There’s nothing more annoying, or damaging, than your stuff sliding around in your truck bed. Everything gets damaged; the sidewalls of your bed, the tailgate, …and your stuff. Plus you have to put up with the sound of “sliiiide – bam!” It’s time for a bed mat.

Our bed mats made of thick, durable rubber to prevent your cargo from shifting or sliding around in your pickup truck bed. Truck bed mats control cargo movement, absorb abuse and provide a soft, textured surface that’s easy on cargo and your truck bed. Truck bed mats can be used with or without bed liners or spray-in liners for extra non-skid protection. Protect your truck, truck bed and your cargo with truck bed mats.

Do your part to end truck bed nudity, one vehicle at a time! Create a commotion with truck bed liners, spray-in truck bed liners, and bed mats from Pickup Outfitters of Waco, Texas. Stop by our showroom at 220 Lake Air Drive in Waco or call us at 254 399-9416.