Fight Truck Nudity Bed Covers, Truck Caps, Hitches, and More!

Fight Truck Nudity Bed Covers, Truck Caps, Hitches, and More!

A “straight off the lot” pickup feels good for a few days, weeks, even, until reality starts to set in — your truck looks like every other truck of its kind. It feels… naked. Pickup Outfitters has all of the accessories you need to customize your ride and fight back against truck nudity. Read on to learn more about some of our most popular products, and visit us today!


Truck Bed Covers

A tonneau bed cover can double the square footage of your truck bed, protect your cargo from the elements and keep it safe from bad guys, and even improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Of course, adding a truck bed cover to your pickup also gives it a custom look that’s all your own! Pickup Outfitters offers the largest selection of tonneau bed covers in the area. At our showroom in Waco, you can check out all of our products from leading manufacturers like Undercover, Extang, BAK, Access, Roll-N-Lock, and more, and our experts can help you choose the right one for your truck.


Truck Caps

Whether you use your truck for work or for play, you can find the high-quality truck cap you need at Pickup Outfitters. ARE truck caps set the industry standard across all categories, and we’re proud to offer their full range of fiberglass truck caps and commercial aluminum DCU units. When you purchase from Pickup Outfitters, you’ll get a made-to-order truck cap that’s painted to match your vehicle and customized to meet your needs. From sleek, simple styles to robust, head-turning models, we’ve got the right truck cap for you! Visit our website to learn more, and contact us today!


Truck Hitches

You can’t experience the full power and functionality of your pickup without a reliable hitch. Whether you need a receiver hitch for everyday towing, a gooseneck hitch with a tighter turn radius, or a fifth wheel hitch for towing heavy loads, our team can help you find the perfect product for your truck. Check out our full selection of hitches on our website, and give us a call to speak with an expert about the best fit for your truck.


Quality Truck Accessories In Waco

Truck bed covers, truck caps, and hitches are just a few of the ways that Pickup Outfitters can help you enhance the look and performance of your vehicle. Our expansive selection of accessories ranges from lifts, leveling, and lowering kits, to step bars, grille guards, lighting, bumper replacements, and more. If you’re looking for it, you can find it at our showroom in Waco. Check out all of our accessories on our website, and visit us today!

Pickup Outfitters has been Waco’s premier truck outfitter since 1997, and we have all of the parts, accessories, and expertise you need to Create a Commotion with your ride! Head over to our website to check out all of our product offerings, and visit us today!